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imagine trying to get up these stairs drunk.. lolol

imagine trying to get up these stairs sober

imagine trying

imaging falling down those stairs

but once you mastered them, and some murderer broke in -you could escape upstairs.  And while they try to figure out how the hell they work, you can slip out the window and escape to freedom. Just sayin.

Looks decently zombie proof too

imagine if you had a button that swiveled them all closed so it was just a flat wall

Imagine the genius who invented this, what an amazing individual they must be.

When in a rage, it seemed like my BP partner was channeling an evil spirit. Her eyes had no life in them: just a blankness. She didn’t see who I was or how she was hurting me. There was no way to negotiate, no way to reason or argue. She did not understand rational arguments.

Her voice would become more rapid, accusatory, demeaning, patronizing, irrational, and paranoid. Her tone was very fast—rat-a-tat-tat—like she was firing at me. She would pace and become very menacing, growing closer and closer as I became more and more afraid.


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